Fanjet Express has a core culture of safety that is continually reinforced through a comprehensive and multifaceted Safety Management System. Safety office is an independent department within Fanjet Express that is endorsed and mandated by the company’s Accountable Executive and senior management. Safety management System ensures compliance to all legislated requirements and to Fanjet’s own safety policies and procedures. It dictates that all employees are provided with the necessary training, tools, resources, and equipment to make safety paramount. SMS is effective at fostering a work environment where a safety ethic permeates all levels of the organization. Employees are focused on incident prevention through critical self-assessment and proactive identification of potential deficiencies. The continual and essential goal is effective resolution of issues before they become significant problems.

Safety Reporting System

Employees report all incidents, hazards or concerns in a non-punitive reporting structure. SMS investigators assess risk, evaluate corrective actions, and report back to the employee, the senior department manager, and the Accountable Executive using a comprehensive set of tools developed as part of SMS.

The success of Fanjet’s operations is rooted in Fanjet’s reputation for safe operations. Our customers demand the highest level of safety.
Fanjet’s Safety & Risk Management ensures compliance to all legislated requirements and to Fanjet’s own safety policies and procedures.

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Management Review

At every three months, management meetings are conducted to assess SMS to ensure it remains effective. Continual enhancement of SMS is a mandatory goal and resources are dedicated as necessary.

Quality Assurance

To audit all areas of the company on a predetermined frequency to ensure it remains compliant to its policy and procedures; To conduct workplace observations to allow a real time review of actual procedures to ensure effectiveness and allow employees to independently report changes; To report all non conforming issues when identified and conduct risk assessment, investigation with corrective actions to prevent recurrence and report to the accountable executive and senior management; To facilitate external regulators and customers to conduct audits and identify all issues knowing such issues will be handled in the same manner as if they were identified internally; and to conduct continued surveillance using management employees as a system health check.

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